We as CU HighTech Logistics GmbH offer On-Hold / Release Service. Hereby we accompany our customers in their business transactions from purchase to transport with 100% reliability. When establishing new business with new business partners, it is very important that all processes are trustworthy and run smoothly. But also in existing business relationships it is of enormous importance in everyday life that the processes are handled quickly, safely and qualitatively. All these requirements are ensured by our On-Hold / Release process.


But what exactly does the "On-Hold / Release" process mean and what services do we offer our customers with it?


Our customers are offered the following services through the On-Hold Service:


  • Collection (at the customer's request) of the goods from your supplier
  • Checking the goods for quality and quantity (number of pieces, damage, weight, etc.)
  • X-Ray inspection (by our X-Ray inspection system, the content is inspected on X-Ray photo WITHOUT opening the original package according to customer's request).
  • Preparation of inspection reports (Inspectionreport,Inspektionsbericht) including photo documentation
  • Allocation "holds" the goods to the buyer. After all payment settlements, the seller will release the goods to the buyer.
  • Packing, labeling, picking
  • After meeting all CU-Log standards delivery of goods directly to your customer (according to customer's request).


We value seamless communication very much and therefore offer our customers several communication channels such as Skype, Whatsapp, e-mail or even telephone consultation.


Skype: live:.cid.e32dc61e30bf1f3c

Mobile/WhatsApp: +49 159 04 808 808

E-Mail: info@culog.de

Phone: +49 9129-2954851

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